Delicacy “Kuki Muki”
Childhood memories with “Kuki-Muki”. Delicacy “Kuki-Muki” made by special recipes of corn and of caramelized condensed milk.
Product variations:
  • Delicacy „Kuki Muki” 100g;
  • Delicacy „Kuki Muki” 250g;
  • Delicacy „Kuki Muki” with marmalade 250g;
Seed delicacy – „Lutausis”
Four diferent kinds – Almond, Sunflower, Peanut, Three seeds.
The product contain seeds, nuts and dried fruits, which have a beneficial effect on the human body. The product is not added to E substances, dyestuffs, flavor enhancer. Product are natural. Product gives energy and joy!
Product characteristics:
• Key components - Nuts and seeds are naturally nutrient rich , which concentrated all the necessary materials.
• A healthy, energetic , fun -provoking
• The production process uses only natural ingredients
• No use of e-agents and dyes in the production process.
Seeds cookies without flour and E substances, with butter
Product characteristics:


The main components – nuts, seeds and oats. The product is a natural, nutrient rich.
Three diferent kinds – Almond, Linseed, Pumpkin seeds.
Made in Latvia, since December 2011. Ražošanas procesā tiek izmantotas tikai dabīgās izejvielas. In the production process we use supperior Latvian sweet cream butter, it makes our product different from most of the biscuits. In the production process we are not using flour, margarine, e-substances or dyes.
The product has been in Finland for International Food & Health exhibition in February 2012.
Products prices accords to products quality.
MarLie Fibre
Sedentary life style, insufficient nourishment, as well as hurried daily routine contribute to an intestinal environment that is not very favourable. The foundation of MarLie cellular fibre is insoluble and soluble cellular fibre contained in defatted linseed, wheat bran, and Jerusalem artichoke.
This cellular fibre helps maintain not only favourable intestinal canal environment, but also helps maintain a healthy immune system, lowers the blood cholesterol level, and cares for optimum weight!
Enjoy MarLie Cellular Fibre with various additives as a healthy and delicious extra to your meal!
Canned meat
Top quality Latvian canned meat:
  • Forest canned meat without E substances with 97.4% meat (doe, deer, elk, wild pig).
  • Canned meat without E substances with 97.4% meat (sheep, cattle, pigs).

Pumpkin fructose syrup

Rhubarb syrup

Billberry (cranberry) syrup

Quince syrup


Billberry (cranberry) juice

Sea buckthorn juice


Sea buckthorn berry peel - seed tea

Billberry (cranberry) leaf tea