The power originating in a seed or grain is inexhaustible. This power gives life, pure energy, and ever-lasting vitality throughout the life. Many know that, but very few of us make use of it, even though it is rather easy to find. The source of power for a long life is right beside you.
MarLie was planned, but at the same time it was accidental, resulting from a chain of events, coincidences, with great love, care, and joy about it, like a child, who has entered this world, who grows up, develops, accumulates knowledge, and gives joy, smile, and joviality to others. MarLie is like a flirty French girl's name, but in fact the origins of the name go back to the Old English - MarLie is an agreeable forest for them. Here, MarLie is a combination of two names - Marija and Liene - two Latvian girls, who have now already accumulated knowledge, energy, courage, and are ready to give it to you! For now, we are offering you the product line MarLie Cellular Fibre - healthy and delicious products for your daily life!
• Ltd. "Perfecto" was founded on 13.08.2010.
• The mission - "Healthy treats for everyone"
• Specialization - seed snacks, healthy snacks, natural vitamins for the winter, fiber products, canned vegetables
• Products are natural, without added E-substances, without coloring, no flavor enhancers
• Production situated in Ragana, Krimuldas region, Latvia
• February 2012 participated on "Food & Health" exhibition in Finland, Seinäjoki